5 May 2016

EaseUS Partition Master Free - An ALL-IN-ONE FREE Disk Partition Management Tool

EaseUS Partition Master Free

One of the most indispensable task of system administration is hard disk management. It's quite gnarly, many users mess up with partition and lose their invaluable data. Partitioning is nothing but treating one physical hard disk as multiple logical disks. In order to create and manage disk partitions without any hassle, EaseUS Partition Master Free comes as a handy tool. It is a free partition software which comes with Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.

Partition Manager Function

Partition Manager Function

Handling system partition is precarious, but with EaseUS Partition Manager function even a novice can do this with an ease. It saves you from the hassle of reinstalling Windows when the system partition runs out of space. The built-in partition manager function of EaseUS Partition Master can expand the Windows system partition without Windows reinstallation and data loss.

The Partition Manager Function can Extend system partition, Resize/Move partition, Create partition, Merge partitions, Split partition, Repair RAID-5, Convert FAT to NTFS, Rebuild MBR, Delete all partitions, Disk defragmentation and can do much more.

Disk & Partition Copy Function

Disk & Partition Copy Function

The Disk & Partition Copy Wizard helps the users to copy their entire disk (including the operating system, applications, preferences, settings, and data) to a new hard drive. With Disk and Partition Copy Wizard, you can save your valuable time of downloading your data, applications, and operating systems to your new disks. It also backs up your partitions to prevent any data lost from program error or some other accidental incidents.

The Disk & Partition Copy Function can clone hard disk with just one click, Back up data on GPT disk, Easily migrate OS to SSD or another HDD and can also resize (shrink or enlarge) partitions during copy process in order to fit target space.

Partition Recovery Function

Partition Recovery Function

The Partition Recovery Feature in EaseUS Partition Master allows users to recover deleted or lost partitions due to a hardware or software failure, virus attack or hard drive repartitioned. It has two recovery modes in Partition Recovery Wizard: Automatic recovery mode is easy to use and requires minimal effort; Manual recovery mode gives you full control of the recovery process. It also supports FAT, NTFS, EXT2 & EXT3 partition recovery.

EaseUS Partition Master supports Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP. It works with both FAT and NTFS file systems.

EaseUS Partition Master lets you do just about anything and everything with drive partitions. It has a simple user friendly interface and provides an easy and quick solution in configuring and managing your hard disk partitions. This ALL-IN-ONE partition solution performs all the operations with more efficiency and security. The best thing is that you can download EaseUS Partition Master for free.
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2 May 2016

NOBLE SKIODO launches BIG 48-inch SMART TV 50SM48P01 for Rs.39,999.00/-


Noble Skiodo, a brand that is oriented towards revolutionizing TV viewing experience in India with its unparalleled quality and prudent prices,with its exclusive Technological tie-up with Skiodo Inc. from Silicon Valley, California, USA brings in its latest– ‘50SM48P01Smart TV’, the next evolution internet connected TV that sees the inclusion of advanced functionalities,offering a rich experience at budgeted/modest prices of Rs. 39,999.00/ 

Big, bold and beautiful — embrace the ultimate expression of 48 inch, Full HD Smart LED TV with WiFi and motion sensorplus keyboard remote. With a slim profile, this TV blends seamlessly into your living space. It’s perfect for wall mounting and its discreet, narrow bezel puts your focus firmly on the picture, not the frame.

Superior HD Display and Sound:

With 48” HD screen and supported by 1920*1080-pixel resolution, viewing means you can see intricate detail on the screen clearer than ever. With accurate true life hues is the 16.7 Million colors, which lets you enjoy a picture that’s optimized for even greater clarity and detail than seen before.

Integrating high clarity, high contrast and high brightness, Noble Skiodo LED TV employs the most trusted Samsung screen cells from across the world, enabling full viewing. Coming with behemoth sound output of 10W X 2 Sound, the television lets you enter into a new dimension of audio quality, making your foot tap on every beat that it plays!

Inbuilt Apps with Android:

The stable and deeply integrated Android support on the LED TV ensures the very best of experience. Find all the entertainment you can dream of, faster than ever. From What’s app to Skype to several inbuilt apps, Noble Skiodo brings you everything in an instant! 

Seamless functions with Miracast Magic:

Powered with Quartex A7 quad core CPU, the Smart TV aims to provide seamless experience, which makes it one of the best performing models in Smart Category because of its quick response time. This processor also offers 1GB inbuilt memory and 512 MB RAM.

Next, enhance your experience wirefree with inbuilt Miracast support that allows your Smart TV to connect to your phones and laptops with the utmost ease, bringing uninterrupted experience. This feature could also be enabled via MHL. 

Complete media Solutions:

Keeping in mind the, next gen needs this television is backed with all the type of media formats which includes MPEG4/H264, VGA Port, HDMI ports, USB port & Digital Media Player, thus being a one stop solution for all your entertainment needs.Now, you can experience a wide variety of content in the comfort of your living room on your TV.

Incorporating pioneering features, this television is bestowed with two remotes; one for all the TV functioning and other, amagic remote, which is an inbuilt keyboard and a motion sensor remote which makes navigating through the Television easier and quicker.Lastly, with 2D to 3D conversion capabilities, you can now enjoy the big game, your favorite TV shows, or movies any real time content in stunning 3D experience.

The fully loaded Noble 50SM48P01” TV is priced at Rs. 39,999.00/. Backed with One year of warranty, the product shall be available only at Amazon.
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23 April 2016

Syska launches ‘App controlled’ Wireless lighting with Smartlight Rainbow LED Bulbs only for Rs. 1999

Taking a step closer to smart homes, Syska India’s leading player in the LED Lighting known for its smart innovation reveals a whole new dimension to lighting that can be digitized, it’s the smartest ‘Rainbow LED Bulb’ which vows to personalize your experience to the most colourful rainbow shades to choose from, that could be controlled wirelessly, illuminating 3 million colours for every mood, bringing endless possibilities light Years ahead!

Syska Rainbow LED Bulb, revolutionizes digital technology and welcomes a whole new era in lighting with the way we think and experience light in our homes. With Syska let your lighting be so much more than just light.

Paint a Rainbow at your Home: To get your home glowing in all colors of rainbow, Syska LED Bulb is programmed with the variety of tones including Golden, Silver and White amidst the colour palette of over 3 million, all fully dimmable all at your fingertips.

The color options help you change and elevate your mood, defining the color for every mood. The user could also color pick from Camera or photo which will be sensed as per the visual perception of the snapshot. Select a clear White for reading, choose a warm tone to relax, or dim everything for a romantic evening! 

App Controlled Wireless Lighting: Being Bluetooth enabled, Take full control of your lights, with the Free user friendly ‘Syska Rainbow LED App’. Featuring a clean intuitive interface on your smartphone - either individually, one bulb at a time, or if you have multiple, you can program entire rooms or zones with specific types of lighting – program different areas of your homes to suit your tastes. 

Scheduled Lighting: Set timer events to turn your bulbs on and off throughout the day, with different colors defined for each event. Wake up in the morning to your favorite color, and then return home to a bright, well-lit home. The possibilities are endless. The app shall also enable alarm clock and stimulate the sun rising and circadian rhythm letting the light urge you to sleep, wake you up and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Sync Music with Light: The app syncs Music with Light along with its ‘Shake & Dance feature’ – Slide the phone in your pocket and the bulb light brightness will change according to the movement of the user while dancing!

Multi-functional App: Making the most of it, the app supports the Heartbeat measurement which will same be displayed in the form of bulb light. It also has several Interactive Games for the users namely Pinch Bomb, Roar etc. With the color recognition feature for Children, the bulb truly democratizes technology that teaches children to recognize the color with lights.

Enjoy brighter and energy efficient lighting with 7W LED Blub, which provides the 480 Lumens brightness. Surpassing the traditional light bulbs in every way, with a lifespan of 25000 hours and efficient performance, save upto 80% on your energy bill. 

Simple to install and easy to use - Being a retro fit just screw into any standard light socket, download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple, and you have a truly modern, connected home lighting system. The product is available with leading retail stores and select ecommerce portals.
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6 April 2016

Five Things you need to know about Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Ever heard about Digital Signage and how it can help communicate awareness about almost anything? Then you are probably on the right content which will provide you with the basics of what it is all about.

If you haven’t heard about digital signage yet and don’t know where it will be suitable for placement in communication landscape, here are top five basic points which will guide you to put digital signage into perspective of using it in different ways like to create awareness of your brand, greet visitors in your cafĂ© or business lounge or it can be to influence shoppers with interactive displays. Whatever the possibilities might be, let’s have a look into those 5 points:

1.     Dynamic Messaging:

With digital signage systems, you can easily rejuvenate the static and dull printed designs into mix of dynamically generated content like video, graphics and moving text animation which will attract more eyeballs than a printed static placard.

2.     Easy to Change

Unlike printed static content that has to be changed by reprinting to update message, Digital signage systems provide you the ability to change or reflect the exact message which needs to be updated in no time and at any given moment.

3.     Maximize Impact via Scheduling:

As the message on digital signage can be updated easily, it gives complete control of what message you want to schedule at any particular moment to address different audience segment throughout the day. For example, a restaurant can use it to entice people for visit in morning breakfast, lunch menu and deals for executives and display late night dinner appointments so the basic idea is to tailor the message according to your needs.

4.     Credibility and Comfort:

As digital signage or led display boards are made up of LCD and plasma panels, much more attractive display than CRTs, it makes the message more presentable and appealing just like watching it in HD television, making it a credible source for information and comfort for viewers to watch the display board.

5.     Interactive and Linear Playback:

Digital signage solutions also gives you the advantage of using it as playback different content of linear pieces having beginning part, middle and end part as well. Apart from that it also provides ability to use in digital kiosks giving users the access to interactive messages with the ability to touch and interact being a truly engaged medium.

This post is provided by Stech – Leading tech oriented company which provides different technology related solutions like Customer management system using Qmatic, customer feedback solutions along with digital signage solutions.

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17 March 2016

iBall Glint BT06 - Glittering sound Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Mic for Rs. 1,499

iBall Glint BT06 Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Mic

iBall, a brand known for its innovative and latest technology products, extends the already popular and superior product line of Clarity Headsets to meet the growing needs of music aficionados with Bluetooth headset - iBall Glint BT06. Designed to appeal the style conscious, the dancing rhythmic LED effects on the soft – cushioned ear cups, delivers the happening musical experience with powerful sound and soothing bass!

For a Brand who has the reputation for excellence in sound in its segment, iBall Glint BT06 is all set to bring the ultimate audio experience with style only for Rs. 1,499 only – Bluetooth headsets with contemporary design, big and soft ear-cups, FM and Micro-SD playback included. A complete personal music gadget.

The headphone also flaunt a foldable arms design and adjustable cup heights making it further more comfortable for users ensuring the perfect snug fit.

The ergonomically designed iBall Glint BT06 is the kind you want to flaunt!  Design-wise, it takes an interesting approach. It exemplifies head-turning visual aesthetics with striking design and tactile appeal with sumptuous build quality.With its eye catchy LED , one could just leave them on the coffee table and start the talking point.

iBall Glint BT06 headset gives excellent balance of lows and highs in a sound signature that strives for accuracy and vibrancy.

Totally iBall Glint BT06 makes a lot of right sounds. For all tech savvy music lovers, the headphones come with easy connectivity without any distortion to mobile phones, Laptop, etcletting you take your pick of Wireless(Bluetooth technology and even through Micro SD card) or Wired 3.5mm plug-in AUX input, which offers the best of both worlds!

With endless music listening experience comes the hassle-free switching between calls and Music, with Bluetooth. To keep the entertainment going is built-in rechargeable battery and in-built FM radio. With onboard music controls on the ear shell enables to lower the volume or pause a song while you juggle between calls and music.

Coming from brand iBall, iBall Glint BT06 is a worthy contender which will set new standards of success and will strengthen the position of iBall. It has attained among customers and Indian market in audio category over a decade of time. The product will be available across India by March 15th.
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28 February 2016

iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL - 4G Tablet with Front Flash and 2 USBs

iBall, a brand known for its innovative and latest technology products, introduces its 1st Tablet PC in India with Flash-enabled Front Camera and dual USBs on Y-cable driving the wave of Internet revolution offering seamless connectivity and lightning fast 4G connectivity on Dual 4G SIMs.

Loaded with the most engaging features along with an impressively gorgeous designas the name rightly suggests, iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL lets you do everything you love –but faster. Download a song in seconds, download a movie in minutes and download apps almost instantly with the blazing 4G speed. Streaming clear, crisp video faster than ever. In other words with iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL, stay enabled!

Key Specifiactions

  • iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL is India’s first ever tablet that come with a Y-shaped smart cable that has two USB ports.
  • Thick black cover  with sleek metallic frame of just 10.11mm
  • 7(17.78cm) IPS Display  and HD resolution of 1024* 600
  • Powered by a 1.0 GHz Quad Core 64-Bit Processor and 1GB RAM
  • Android Lollipop 5.1 
  • 8GB Built in storage and can be extended to 32GB via Micro SD card
  • 8MP Enhanced AF rear Camera with LED flash and 5MP Enhanced front camera LED  flash
  • bring out the photography passion in you by purchasing mSLR lenses (set of 5 detachable lenses)
  • 21 pre-loaded  regional languages
  • Power packed with 3500mAh Polymer battery
  • With connectivity options like Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth, USB

Truly Gorgeous

Elaborately attired, iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL is a design marvel with a perfect amalgamation of gorgeous black back cover exhibiting a perfect black beauty and a sleek metallic frame with thickness of just 10.11mm which beats your style quotient.

Powerful Quad core processor with 1GB RAM

Enjoy every glimpse of movies and gaming on vibrant 7” (17.78 cm) IPS Display and a High Definition resolution of 1024 x 600. Powered by a 1.0 GHz Quad core 64-bit processor and 1GB RAM, iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL promises to take care of all your multi-tasking and gaming needs. Running on the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 the tablet gives users the access to a number of features including voice search, Google Drive, Hangouts for video calls, smart contact prioritization etc. Store ample of photos, apps, music and movies as much as you want with 8GB built-in Storage, which can further be extended up to 32GB via MicroSD Card without facing any space crunch.


A true innovation, iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL is India’s first ever tablet that come with a Y-shaped smart cable that has two USB ports that enables you to connect USB based charger and USB-enabled device simultaneously. Promising a faster transfer of movies, songs, pictures with numerous devices, the tablet is the ideal gadget for the young generation who is always on the lookout for better, faster and savvier gadgets on-the-go!

Lightning-fast 4G connectivity

It’s time to move on and cut down on the buffering and live the fast-paced life faster with iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL. Stream videos, play games online or tune into Internet Radio and much more with 4G Connectivity. Not only it is fast and powerful when playing games and multi-tasking but it is also slick and speedy for web browsing, streaming and downloading, even when away from a Wi-Fi connection.

Superlative Camera

iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL staggers the users with its camera dexterity. It comes with 8MP Enhanced AF rear camera with LED flash which lets the users capture vivid and sharp pictures even in low lightning conditions followed by 5MP Enhanced front camera with LED Flash, India’s First, which pledges picture perfect selfies.

Be it detecting your face or enhancing the glow of your face, capturing a shot while you smile or while you raise your voice, setting a timer or clicking continuous shot that help you choose the best from the rest or simply capturing an image with multi-angle shot or elongated view with panoramic feature or adding a date and time stamp that helps you not to miss out on any memory.
iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL also enables you to bring out the photography passion in you by purchasing mSLR lenses (set of 5 detachable lenses) separately for just Rs. 1,499/-.

Overcome regional barriers

Keeping the excitement going is built-in multi-lingual keyboard in your own language, converse all you want in your Mother tongue with the 21 pre-loaded regional languages on iBall Slide Gorgeo4GL. It is bound to deliver an ultimate experience and express the world in one’s own language supported with beautiful language fonts.

Connectivity on-the-go

Power packed with 3500mAh Polymer battery, iBall Slide Gorgeo4GL inherent with the Superfast 4G connectivity at your fingertips the users can live stream videos, movies and download favourite music instantly. With connectivity options like Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth, USB and more, the young hyper social consumers can experience connectivity on-the-go.

And what more? iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL is pre-loaded with interesting apps, GameLoft games having intense gaming experience, such as Asphalt Nitro, Bubble Bash 3 and many more, Hungama Music and Movies delivering full-fledged entertainment as well as
Stub apps of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word which enables not to miss work deadlines.

The product shall be available across India at all leading retail stores shortly. It is priced very aggressively at best buy price of Rs 6,999 only.
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25 February 2016

8 Tips to Fight the Summer Productivity Slump - by Wrike project management software

Infographic brought to you by Wrike Software Project Management

8 Tips to Fight the Summer Productivity Slump - by Wrike project management software
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