2 February 2013

RIM Launches New BlackBerry 10 OS - Key Features At A Glance

RIM Launches New BlackBerry 10 OS - Key Features At A Glance

by | Saturday, February 02, 2013
BlackBerry 10 OS Logo

RIM has finally launched the much anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS for BlackBerry mobiles. The new OS has come out with some amazing features that makes it more suitable for corporate environment. Along with the launch of the new OS, RIM announces a change of name for the company, Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) will now be known as BlackBerry.

Let's take a look at some of the key features of BlackBerry 10 OS :

Blackberry Hub : It is the feature that aggregates all the feeds from E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc. to one place and helps user to search, filter and compose messages from all the apps feeding the Hub.

BlackBerry Flow : It is the touch control user interface of the Blackberry 10 OS. The user interface is very smooth and allows users to navigate seamlessly between applications with ease.

Blackberry Balance : The feature which is available in the earlier version has been improved by its maker. It now supports seamless switching between corporate and personal profile, and that both will be encrypted. This allows user to have a separate personal apps, email and other accounts kept off from the corporate network

BlackBerry keyboard : The uniqueness of BlackBerry 10 keyboard is that it can understand and adapt to users need, it learns the words and the way it is used from the users and suggests them to type faster and more accurately.

BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) : The advance messenger service for BlackBerry will now include video chat and also allows users to share screens with other BlackBerry 10 contacts.

Time Shift : An astounding camera feature that allows users to capture a group shot with several photos of the same scene and then choose the best looking one where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. You can get the perfect shot by just tapping the face and moving forward or backward in time on just that face to select the perfect shot.

BlackBerry Story Maker : It is the feature that lets users create their own mini HD movies with a collection of photos and videos along with music and effects.

BlackBerry 10 browser : Blackberry 10 browser includes many advanced features and supports multiple tabs. It is incredibly fast and will support HTML5, which makes it more suitable for developers

BlackBerry Remember : It is the app that manage and organize content into folders – it is also integrated into the BlackBerry Hub. The BlackBerry 10 Remember App will sync Evernote workbooks as well

BlackBerry Safeguard : It is the security feature that helps users protect what is important to them and their business.

Built-in support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync : BlackBerry 10 comes with a built-in support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync that allows users to connect and manage their Smartphones as other ActiveSync devices in a company.

BlackBerry World : The official store will now include 70,000 BlackBerry 10 apps and one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. Apart from preinstalled apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, BlackBerry 10 users will have access to leading applications from various providers, which includes Disney, Cisco, Foursquare, Skype and Rovio.

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