21 March 2013

Samsung Smartwatch Coming Soon to Rival Apple's iWatch

Samsung Smartwatch Coming Soon to Rival Apple's iWatch

by | Thursday, March 21, 2013
Samsung Smartwatch Illustration
Samsung is reportedly working on a wrist-watch based mobile device to rival Apple's iWatch. The Reuters, quoting a source with direct knowledge of the matter, reported that Samsung's Smartwatch will perform many of the tasks of a Smartphone, but declined to reveal further details.

Samsung's spokeswoman Chenny Kim, refused to discuss the company's detailed product pipeline, but said, "We are constantly exploring new technologies and developing various form factors."

Smart watches will be the next big thing, it connects to a Smartphone via Bluetooth and enables access to various mobile functions. Thus, giving users the comfort of answering phone calls and tracking their Facebook cum Twitter updates without having the need to reach for their mobile.

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