5 April 2013

Facebook Home Unveiled - A Family of Apps that Turns Android into a Social Phone

Facebook Home Unveiled - A Family of Apps that Turns Android into a Social Phone

by | Friday, April 05, 2013
Facebook shows off its much anticipated Facebook Home - A new family of Android App that turns your Android phone into a Social phone. Earlier, it was rumored that Facebook Home will be a tweaked version of Android OS with full Facebook functionality.

Facebook Home Features

Facebook Home is not a new OS for Smartphones but is more than just a mobile app. Once installed on the handset, it replaces the lock screen and home screen with Cover feed that streams status updates and photos from friends. Along with Cover feed users will also get notifications about Facebook updates from friends with their profile picture and also about other events, calls and apps.

Facebook Home - Cover feed and Notifications

Another feature known as Chat heads allows users to chat even when they are using other apps. Whenever a friend sends you a message, they face pops up making it easier to know with whom we are chatting with. And since SMS is integrated into Facebook Messenger for Android, Chat heads works with text messages as well. The App Launcher allows users to drag their favorite apps to the launcher making it easier to access.

Facebook Home - Chat heads and App Launcher

Smartphones supporting Facebook Home

At present Facebook Home works on

Facebook Home Availability

Facebook Home will initially be available as a free download in the US via Google Play Store starting April 12th. HTC First will be the first Smartphone to come pre-installed with Facebook Home. AT&T will offer the HTC First for sale on April 12. More devices to follow in the coming months.

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