30 April 2013

Gaming on the iPhone

Gaming on the iPhone

by | Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Apple iPhone 5 - Gaming

When the iPhone 5 was announced with all the usual hype of an Apple product launch we were promised something very different from previous iPhone models, in fact something different from any other standard smartphone. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that the iPhone 5 was a gaming device that stood up to scrutiny against all other mobile gaming devices and it had similar qualities to those of a gaming console.

No doubt there were some suppressed sniggers amongst members of the audience. After all this was Apple; and if we believed everything that Apple told us then… But the problem was that everything we had been told by Apple in the past was in fact the truth. Apple might be very good at making audacious claims about their latest products, but those claims (with the possible exception regarding the ease at which the Antenna in a previous iPhone could be short circuited by holding the phone in a particular manner) had all been true.

So at the time of launch was the iPhone the best mobile gaming device? To a large extent this does depend on your particular criteria and on the types of games that you play on it. In terms of online casino games it is not really better or any worse than any other high end smartphone. The fact is that mobile casino games such as roulette and poker at MobileCasino.mobi don’t really put stringent demands on the device on which they are played. However more intensive console type games do; they rely on massive amounts of computing power and ultra-fast graphics.

The reasons for the ambitious claims are easy to see. The A6 processor and graphics chip in the iPhone 5 provided double the computer power of the previous model with graphics that were many times faster. In terms of raw power the iPhone 5 demolishes mobile games consoles.  The display may not be the largest, but it has the perfect aspect ratio. It may not be the best, but it is very, very good.
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