26 November 2013

Put An End To Cyber Bullying Using iPhone Spying Apps

Put An End To Cyber Bullying Using iPhone Spying Apps

by | Tuesday, November 26, 2013
iPhone Spying Apps

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to put an end to cyber bullying let’s take a brief look on what cyber bullying is exactly. Cyber bullying is when somebody deliberately torments, threatens, humiliates, or intimidates others using the Internet or other digital technologies like mobile phones. Mostly it involves hurting remarks written in a text message, IM, or in an email. It’s one of the most common online risks for all teenagers and around forty three percent of the teenagers in the US have been bullied using the internet or a cell phone. Keeping under consideration these facts parents must keep their children protected by monitoring their children’s iPhone usage using iPhone spying apps like Snoopra.

Tips For Stopping Cyber Bullying

Try to have an open dialogue with your kids about what is cyber bullying and encourage them to inform you if it happens to them. Tell your children not to remove such text messages from their phone so that it can later serve as an evidence. Bullying requires an emotional reaction so ask your child not to respond to such messages.
Learn about your children’s activities and talk to them that how to behave online. Tell them not to give away personal information or pictures to anybody online

Spotting Cyber Bullying

You can use iPhone spying apps like Snoopra for spotting cyber bullying. Snoopra will help you in keeping a remote check on your child’s activities remotely and secretly. You’ll be able to monitor all the data remotely through a web interface. By looking at your child’s cell phone communication records you can easily figure out if somebody has tried to bully your child.

Monitoring With Snoopra

Snoopra will serve as an ultimate monitoring partner as it will let you monitor virtually anything on your child’s cell phone. Here is a comprehensive list of Snoopra’s features:

■ Listen and Record Calls
■ Instant Messages (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Gtalk, iMessage)
■ Text Messages (Sent & Received)
■ GPS Location (Real Time & Location History)
■ Internet Activity (Browser History & Bookmarks)
■ Phonebook
■ Appointments
■ Photos


Snoopra will work seamlessly with Android phones, blackberries and iPhone with the following OS versions:

■ Android 2.1 and above
■ BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above
■ Apple iOS 4.0 and above

So put an end to cyber bullying by monitoring your child’s cell phone usage using iPhone spy software like Snoopra.
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