10 January 2014

Nokia Rolls Out Lumia Black Update - Features at a Glance

Nokia Rolls Out Lumia Black Update - Features at a Glance

by | Friday, January 10, 2014
Lumia Black update - App Folder

Nokia rolls out its latest firmware update 'Lumia Black' for Windows Phone 8 globally. One of the most notable features in the Lumia Black update is the option to create folders on the start screen. It also brings an enhanced Glance Screen with new night-mode colors.

The key features of this update are as follows,

App Folder
The App Folder feature allows users to personalize and organize the Start screen. It enables users to create folders in the Start screen and group similar apps and settings.

Nokia Glance screen 2.0
The Glance screen brings notifications for missed calls, new texts and instant messages, unread emails, etc. to the standby, thereby making it always visible at a glance on the screen.

Bluetooth LE
It brings support for more compatible gadgets like the Adidas MiCoach accessories.

Nokia Refocus
The update brings Nokia Refocus to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia Smartphones with 1GB of RAM and above.

Nokia Beamer
Available for phones with 1GB RAM and above, the Nokia Beamer allows users to share photos, documents, presentations and almost anything to any HTML5-enabled screen.

Nokia Storyteller
Nokia Storyteller can organize photos, by date and by place. It makes stories come to life on the screen.

Nokia Camera
The app, which was earlier available for Lumia PureView Smartphones, comes to the other Lumia devices. It combines Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera for a perfect shot. It also brings the raw DNG support, which gives access to pure and untouched visual information.

Imaging algorithms
The update comes with the latest generation of imaging algorithms, which improves the image quality. It reduced noise and makes images more natural looking.

Currently, the Lumia Black update is available for Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 Smartphones. It will be rolled out to other models soon.

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