8 January 2014

Sony Unveils SmartBand (SWR10) with Life-Tracking Feature at CES 2014

Sony Unveils SmartBand (SWR10) with Life-Tracking Feature at CES 2014

by | Wednesday, January 08, 2014
Sony SmartBand (SWR10)

Sony has announced a new live-tracking SmartWear that interacts with your Smartphone or tablet and tracks every aspect of your life. Dubbed as the SmartBand (SWR10), It is made up of a removable Core unit and a stylish and comfortable wrist band.

The SmartBand connects wirelessly with an Android Smartphone or Tablet using Bluetooth and records your sleep patterns, movements, distance travelled and other daily activities. The details are stacked into the Sony Lifelog Smartphone app, which will come installed on the new Xperia Smartphones.  

Sony SmartBand colors

The Lifelog app can see if you’ve been walking, running, cycling or travelling by train – and how you’ve slept. It also keeps you updated on the weather for the days ahead. The Life bookmarks feature records your special moments by just pressing the Life Bookmark key.

The SmartBand is waterproof and comes with Sony fastening button and LEDs. It vibrates on the wrist and alerts the user when a call, message or other notification comes in. Using the SmartBand, users can play, pause and skip tracks on the move.

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