23 June 2014

LG New Media Competition 2014

LG New Media Competition 2014

by | Monday, June 23, 2014
LG has just announced the New Media Competition 2014 where the winner can win up to $10k in cash and a trip to New York City. The competition is called The Art of The Pixel and it invites students from nation's top art schools to participate. The task? To create still and motion digital artwork for display on LG's Ultra HD as well as OLED TVs. With the competition LG tries to inspire young artists and to empower their creativity.

It's LG's first-ever such new media competition where one finalist from each top art school will receive $5000 cash prize and a trip to New York City where the gala event will be taking place. The top winner will walk away with an additional $5000 from the event and second place with an additional $3000.

All together participants from nine top art schools will be eligible to take part of the competition. For more information about how and who can participate, you are invited to check out www.lgusa.com/LGSupportsTheArts. The schools of the first and second place winners will also be receiving a grant of $50 000 and $25 000 respectively.

Submissions for The Art of The Pixel are accepted through July 13, 2014 and public voting will be taking place from July 1 to July 31.

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