1 June 2014

Next Generation of Smart Health Coaching Service

Next Generation of Smart Health Coaching Service

by | Sunday, June 01, 2014
Global health service company Cigna and electronics giant Samsung are offering consumers the next generation of smart health coaching service called Coach by Cigna as is part of S Health initiative on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Coach by Cigna offers people free digital health guidance within S Health and has been put together based on the experiences of Cigna's experts such as behavior specialists, nutritionists, nurses, health coaches, and helps create user's lifestyle improvement plan that involves every important aspects of it such as nutrition, weight, exercise, stress and sleep. It's available to Samsung Galaxy S5 users in 36 countries and in 26 languages.

“Samsung has become the leader in the global smartphone market because of its rich technology, communication and entertainment capabilities,” said Cigna Vice President of Consumer Information Technology, Eric Consolazio. “By introducing Coach by Cigna to the Galaxy S5, we add a new dimension that can connect Samsung users around the world with our lifestyle and motivational expertise -- anywhere, any time -- and help them to meaningfully improve their personal health, wellbeing and lives.”

Samsung's S Health offers easy-to-use features that helps people turn health improvements an engaging part of their everyday lives.

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