28 October 2014

Low-Cost International Calling with Vonage

Low-Cost International Calling with Vonage

by | Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Voice over Internet Protocol provider Vonage has launched Vonage Abroad, allowing users to access lower cost international calls to 68 countries around the world. Whether from a landline or mobile it’s now possible to avoid data roaming charges with Vonage.

How does it work?

Traditional telecoms companies charge roaming fees on top of their standard call rates when users make calls between the UK and abroad. These fees can be substantial, especially when calling via mobile, and can be prohibitively expensive for many.

The Vonage Abroad box aims to help friends and family keep in touch no matter where they are in the world by helping users avoid costly data roaming charges. A Vonage box is connected to your existing broadband connection, and you then plug your phone in to the Vonage box and use your house phone or mobile to start making calls using a Vonage call plan. The available call plans offer unlimited calls between the UK and up to 68 overseas countries.

Because calls are made over the internet via VoIP, not through traditional phone connections, it means there are no loss of signal hassles, and no data roaming charges to worry about.

When using Vonage Abroad, users receive calls on a UK number and make calls on a UK call plan. That means that calls to a Vonage box abroad from a UK landline or mobile are charged at standard landline calling rates.

Choose to send a Vonage box to friends or family abroad, and it means that you can call them from your mobile or landline at your standard calling rate. And calls that users make from a Vonage box abroad can have a UK call plan, so users abroad can also take advantage of unlimited calling.

Available packages

Vonage Abroad allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited calls to up to 68 countries worldwide. Users can choose the Premium tariff, which offers unlimited calls to the US, Canada, China & Hong Kong, the Talk World package, which offers unlimited calls to 68 countries, or the V-Plan 4i, which offers 3000 inclusive minutes to India and 48 other countries.

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