27 November 2015

How to Recover Deleted files from Windows 7

How to Recover Deleted files from Windows 7

by | Friday, November 27, 2015
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It is very annoying when we realize that we have accidentally deleted our important files from drive and recycle been as well. At this situation only one question comes in our mind that is there is any way through which we can recover our permanently deleted files from Windows. The answer of this question is yes, it is possible to recover permanently deleted files from Windows computer. 

There are some critical situations in which you can’t recover deleted files. One of the most common reasons is overwriting. When you delete files from your drive and continually use that drive to add or remove data then you can lost your important deleted data forever. To prevent this data loss issue stop using the damage drive or the drive from which you want to recover data.

You can easily restore your files from hard drive, because when you delete or remove your files from hard drive, it actually still stored in hard disk drive. And it can be easily recovered by Windows recovery software. But before going with any deleted file recovery tool, let’s discuss the free recovery options. If you have setup Windows backup then you can recover lost data from it.

How to do Deleted File Recovery from Windows 

If you are Windows 7 user and have accidentally deleted or modified your files and want to restore them then you can use backup or previous version to restore your files. 

Previous version means copy of folders and files that Windows automatically save as the restoration point of view. You can restore your deleted files from Windows by using backup and restore option.

To Restore Files from backup

STEP 1: Click on start icon and click on Control penal then click on backup and Restore

Restore Files from backup Windows 7 - STEP 1

STEP 2: Click on Restore My Files

Restore Files from backup Windows 7 - STEP 2
STEP 3: Now it will take you to Wizard, where you can search any folder or files to restore. You can overwrite your latest files to an earlier date.

Restore Files from backup Windows 7 - STEP 3

STEP 4: After clicking on search button you will find list of files and folders for recovery. When you find the desired file then click on file and then click on OK

Restore Files from backup Windows 7 - STEP 4

STEP 5: The you will find Restore file box, first browse the location for the files then click on restore button.

Restore Files from backup Windows 7 - STEP 5

But what if you don’t have backup to restore your deleted files, what you will do. If you are from one of them who has deleted his files without having backup then doesn’t get panic and try Windows data recovery software. This software works very efficiently to recover deleted and lost files from Windows.

Note:- Special instruction, don’t use your hard drive after deleting any files and folders.

Download Windows data recovery software and follow the below steps to recover data from hard drive.

  • Download the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data recovery Pro 6.0 software on your Windows Computer
  • Run the Installed software 
  • Click on “Data recovery” tab and then click on drive recovery option 
  • After clicking on drive recovery option you will see all the drives available on your system
  • Click on the drive or partition you want to recover and click on scan button
  • You will see all the deleted files, select files and folders you want to recover and click on recovery button 
  • After recovering all the files you can save them at your desire location 

This Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery pro 6.0 software not only provides deleted file recovery option even it allows you to recover deleted partition, photos, emails, CD/DVD recovery, RAW recovery.

You can download this feature reach tools demo edition to test its features. Software demo version is available at free of cost. With its demo edition you can scan drive for recovery and can take preview of all the deleted and lost files. But to save all deleted files you have to purchase full edition of Windows data recovery software which is available only at $99. Software works with all the latest versions of Windows such as 10/8.1/ 8/ Windows 7/ Vista / XP

Conclusion: You can lose your important stored data at any point of time, without knowing the cause. But you can recover that lost data by taking little precaution and buying Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery pro 6.0 software

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