6 April 2016

Five Things you need to know about Digital Signage

Five Things you need to know about Digital Signage

by | Wednesday, April 06, 2016
Digital Signage

Ever heard about Digital Signage and how it can help communicate awareness about almost anything? Then you are probably on the right content which will provide you with the basics of what it is all about.

If you haven’t heard about digital signage yet and don’t know where it will be suitable for placement in communication landscape, here are top five basic points which will guide you to put digital signage into perspective of using it in different ways like to create awareness of your brand, greet visitors in your cafĂ© or business lounge or it can be to influence shoppers with interactive displays. Whatever the possibilities might be, let’s have a look into those 5 points:

1.     Dynamic Messaging:

With digital signage systems, you can easily rejuvenate the static and dull printed designs into mix of dynamically generated content like video, graphics and moving text animation which will attract more eyeballs than a printed static placard.

2.     Easy to Change

Unlike printed static content that has to be changed by reprinting to update message, Digital signage systems provide you the ability to change or reflect the exact message which needs to be updated in no time and at any given moment.

3.     Maximize Impact via Scheduling:

As the message on digital signage can be updated easily, it gives complete control of what message you want to schedule at any particular moment to address different audience segment throughout the day. For example, a restaurant can use it to entice people for visit in morning breakfast, lunch menu and deals for executives and display late night dinner appointments so the basic idea is to tailor the message according to your needs.

4.     Credibility and Comfort:

As digital signage or led display boards are made up of LCD and plasma panels, much more attractive display than CRTs, it makes the message more presentable and appealing just like watching it in HD television, making it a credible source for information and comfort for viewers to watch the display board.

5.     Interactive and Linear Playback:

Digital signage solutions also gives you the advantage of using it as playback different content of linear pieces having beginning part, middle and end part as well. Apart from that it also provides ability to use in digital kiosks giving users the access to interactive messages with the ability to touch and interact being a truly engaged medium.

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